Morgan Spurlock’s New Dog Umentary: Green Puppy in America

Morgan Spurlock “Dog-umentary” (get it?)

CALIFORNIA–Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is tackling an important issue in a current anthropomorphic documentary that he is working on for FX television:  green puppies and how they are ostracized in American society.

“It’s hard being a green puppy in America”, says Spurlock.  “It’s not every day where people run into temporarily green dogs, and the moment a dog is green, everybody gets paranoid about it.”  Spurlock will become a green puppy for the documentary.  How he will achieve this hasn’t been stated, but Spurlock says that the “dogumentary” will open peoples’ minds on how green dogs are no different from other dogs.

“I just want people to think for themselves and come up with their own conclusion on the documentary”, says Spurlock.  Spurlock aims to go for his usual confrontational style, reminiscent of Michael Moore’s early documentaries.  “I think that people will see that these puppies are just like other dogs, and at times, they can add a lot of culture to our canine demographic, such as [for example], being green.  They are also pretty green.”

“In one segment of the film, I enter a dog show as a green puppy, and it’s a bit of a conundrum”, says Spurlock.  In the segment, Spurlock challenges the traditions of just what canine beauty is, as well as revealing the hidden prejudices of snobby dog show judges everywhere. 

Bloggledoggle question:  Do you think Morgan Spurlock has gone too far?


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